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Lunch Menu

Served daily between 12-5pm


This is a section of your menu, customize it any way you want.

This Is Your First Item

Our famous French baguette, with olive oil & balsamic vinegar


This Is Your Second Item

Organic spinach salad, sprinkled with parmesan & pine nuts


★ This Is Your Third Item

Oven roasted sweet potato, zucchini & carrot fries


This Is Your Fourth Item

Fresh tuna tataki, sun gold cherry tomatoes & organic greens


★ This Is Your Fifth Item

Aubergine rolls (4 pieces) stuffed with ricotta, tomatoes, scallions & nutmeg



Tell people more about the items in this section, e.g., all main courses can be made gluten free

★ This Is Your First Item

Penne aglio e olio, with fresh garlic, herbs & cheese, topped with basil


This Is Your Second item

Handmade pumpkin ravioli, tossed in sage brown butter sauce with parmesan

300 gr


400 gr


This Is Your Third Item

Potato filled gnocchi with mozzarella, fresh tomatoes & basil leaves


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